So what is a winglet? And what does it do?

We’ve all seen those things on the wings of some airplanes- they bend the wing so that it goes up. As far as I was concerned (especially as a kid) they did one thing- they looked cool! I mean, what other reason was there? Like a spoiler on a Lamborghini, it was just neat. They both actually have a purpose, but as a boy in the seventies, I didn’t care.

But, like I said, winglets actually do serve a purpose. On a normal jet they cut down on drag; on the Cruzer they have a much more important role. The winglets are actually movable on the Cruzer. Usually at a 30 degree angle, the closer the winglet angle gets to 0 degrees, the more drag it has. And conversely, the closer it gets to 90 degrees, the less drag it has. So, by adjusting the winglets, you manage to create a sort of steering mechanism. If the left winglet is at 90 degrees and the right winglet is at 0 degrees, it will pull to the right. The practical upshot is which you can adjust any flaws the wood or wing may have, allowing it to fly straighter after a little tweeking.

Cool, huh?