Top Gun is Catapult Cruzer’s game!

What is Top Gun?

Formerly called a flyoff, Top Gun is an outdoor activity that kids actually like. If you want a comparison, It’s like a Pinewood Derby- the Cub Scout game where you whittle a car from a block of wood, and roll it down a track.
But it’s in the SKY.

The kids also have to make the Cruzers. They come in a kit that’s fairly easy to make. And after a few they may want to get creative with it.

Kids have a lot of fun with the Pinewood Derby- and it’s basically start here, end here. With┬áTop Gun, you’ve got them going everywhere, and really far away.

We have a rule- you shoot it off, you go get it. This is rule parents love, as it wears the kids out! The Cruzer can go as far as 100 yards, and after running that three times (twice! they have to run back.), you’ve got children that are good and ready for bed at the end of the day.

Pinewood Derby and Cub Scouts are trademarks of Boy Scouts of America.