Catapult Cruzer Kit (for Top Gun)


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To receive the discount, all the Cruzer Kits need to be added at once, when first adding them. It's a bug in the software- I apologize.
Due to the nature of the Top Gun Competition, and to make it easier for the youth group leaders, we provide discounts for bulk purchases.
1-9 $6.00
10-99 $5.00
100-999 $4.50
1000 + $4.25


Designed with our youth group friends in mind, the kit version of the Cruzer comes with enough material to build one complete airplane. It is the same material we use for building the finished model. The kit will most likely require the help of an adult in following the directions for cutout and assembly. (depending on availability)

Due to the nature of the Top Gun Competition, launch cords are not provided with every kit. They are sold separately at $2.00 a piece. We do provide extra launch cords when they are bought in bulk, though. One launch cord for every ten Cruzers.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 18 x 4 x .5 in


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