¬†One of the (minor) problems we’ve had over the years was how to make the kit so the end users could put the wing on straight, so the fuselage was perpendicular to the wing. We brainstormed for a long time, and came up with the thumbtack method. While it works reasonably well, it’s confusing. especially to younger kids. It also needed some dexterity that wasn’t always there.


Well, occasionally when I’m out and about showing off the Cruzer, the wing on my older ones will come off when it hits a tree. In those cases I usually need to do some field surgery. I don’t have any thumbtacks with me, but I usually have a square. I’ll line it up and make a mark down the center of the wing, then another about .125″ out. After that I just roll it on. It occurred to me that this method is easier to understand than the thumbtack method, so we implemented it as a change. Here’s a quick video to give you the rundown.