About the Catapult Cruzer

Curt, one of the co-founders

Catapult Cruzers was started by a couple of Cruzer Heads – Curt and Roger.

Living in Wichita, Kansas, the Aircraft Capital of the World, both Curt and Roger spent most of their careers working for different aircraft manufacturers. They used some of what they learned at companies like Cessna, Learjet, and Boeing, into the  launching of this new business.

The original design of the plane came about when Curt and some other aircraft mechanics decided to see if they could turn a cleaning brush into an airplane. Curt brought the airplane home and began flying it outside with his son. They had a blast together. Now married and starting his own family,

Roger, one of the co-founders

Curt’s son still remembers the fun they had flying together. With the creation of Catapult Cruzers, it was their hope that this product will accomplish that same thing today, get fathers and sons outside together to just have some fun. In 2013 the company was purchased by their designer, Chris Allen. Since then Cruzers have gotten recognition from around the USA, with kids from Northern Oklahoma to Pensylvamia, to Colorado. Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, and other organizations. It’s growing steadily, as more and more kids realize how fun it is.