That’s right- get a FREE Cruzer!

We’re so sure you’ll love Catapult Cruzer that we’re giving them away!

The Catapult Cruzer is cool. REALLY cool. But it has a major flaw- It doesn’t look as cool as a lot of toys out there. It can out perform them, and it’s far cheaper and more durable. But when you look at it- It looks like a stick. We get that. There are so many junk toys out there that we want to prove that having a Top Gun with your kids will be worth your time. So we’re letting leaders have a free kit.

We do have a few caveats, though.

  1. We’re giving them away to youth group leaders. If you’re riding the fence about whether your kids will enjoy the Cruzer, Get one and see what they think. We’re sure you’ll be amazed at their reaction.
  2. It’s only the kits. Unless you’re drenched in cash, running a Top Gun with pre-assembled Cruzers will get expensive quickly. The kits have discounts for bulk, and they also add an extra dimension of creation to the Cruzer.


All you have to do is send us your information with the form, and scan a copy of your identification card that you use for the youth group you’re affiliated with. We’ll also accept things like youth pastor cards. After we verify it, we’ll send a kit right out to you. We’ll cover shipping as well.