Is the Cruzer remote controlled?
No. You can do some basic steering by adjusting the winglets and the canard, but these are done before you launch it. Once it’s in the air, you can only hope for the best. There are many factors that go into where it goes in addition to adjusting your Cruzer. Wind speed, the power of the draw, wind direction all contribute. This is part of what makes it so fun!
What's the Cruzer made out of? Is it Balsa?

No. The Catapult Cruzer is not made out of Balsa. It’s made out of Poplar and a special Coroplast. As a result, it is heavier than Balsa planes, but it’s more durable as well.

One on the few downfalls to this is that the Cruzer can’t fly if it’s just tossed in the air. Just like a real airplane, it needs the proper speed to get in the air. Since there are no engines on it, this is achieved through the Catapult- a bungee that is attached to the nose of the Cruzer.

Why do the Kits only come with one launch cord?

The kits are mainly used for the flyoff, and during the flyoff not everyone will fly at the same time. We’ve found that having one cord for every ten cruzers works fairly well.

The way that you win the flyoff is by keeping your Cruzer in the air the longest. So at every launch site, there will also be someone with a stopwatch- usually an older child or an adult helper. Simply because it would be chaos if 20-100 kids shot them off at the same time, we have the kids take turns. As a result, you don’t need a separate cord for every Cruzer. Now, if a child wants a launch cord, they are available separately. They are two dollars apiece, which means that it’s still far lower than the cost of a premade Cruzer- which comes with a cord already.

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