Extremely Durable

 Made with a strong poplar body, the Catapult Cruzer airplane isn’t some balsa piece of junk.

No Batteries Needed

 The Catapult Cruzer works from  a launch cord- which never stops working

Really, Really, Fast

Even without using batteries, the XC3 Catapult Cruzer will amaze with it’s speed and distance, which can go as far as a football field!

The Flyoff

A fun game to play with the Cruzer. Designed for youth groups like Cub Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life, or 4-H, these will keep the kids very entertained.

Welcome to Catapult Cruzers. If you run a youthgroup like Cub Scouts, American Heritage Girls, 4-H or anything like this, get ready to have your socks blown off.

The Catapult Cruzer is a small, inexpensive, but very fun toy airplane. (The average price is about $5.00 per Cruzer Kit) It’s used in an game that we’ve developed for the youthgroup crowd called a flyoff, and this is one of the best outdoor activities there is. Each Cruzer comes in a Kit (although you can buy them premade) that’s no harder to put together than a Pinewood Derby car. In fact, some would say it’s easier. Your youthgroup kids will get genuinely excited, and they also get worn out and ready to go to bed at night from running after their Cruzers all day.

Picture a pinewood derby, but without the track, where the kids may have to run 100 yards to get their car, as much as three times. The only thing you need to buy extra is a launch pole, which you can buy at any Farm Supply store like Atwood’s, or Tractor Supply. Interested yet? Go to our Flyoff page to learn more.

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