Get a FREE Cruzer!

We’re so sure you’ll love the Cruzer that we’re giving them away. We’ll even cover shipping! The only caveats are that it only covers kits, and you’ll need to be a youth leader.

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Extremely Durable

Made with a strong poplar body, the Catapult Cruzer airplane isn’t some balsa piece of junk.

No Batteries Needed

The Catapult Cruzer works from  a launch cord – which never stops working.

Really, Really, Fun

Even without using batteries, the XC3 Catapult Cruzer will amaze with it’s speed and distance, which can go upt to 50′ high and as far as a football field!

Top Gun

A fun game to play with the Cruzer. Designed for youth groups like Cub Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life, or 4-H, Top Gun will keep the kids very entertained, and wear them out.